Convert DOCX to DOC

Most of the offices have old systems. Microsoft Office Word that is installed in office computers are old version which do not support the new version word files. People working in offices might have experience this difficulties but do not know the reason. If you see the extension, it will be doc or docx. This is nothing but two different version of word file. ..doc. was used in the old version where as ..docx. is used in the new version from 2007. So if you have a docx file which you try to open in your old computer then it will not work. Dpcx files are not backward compatible with the old version of the program. There are many tools that will help you to convert docx to doc & and backward the process. These software can be downloaded from the internet easily.

Windows users can download a compatibility pack for their old or new computer. This will allow the older version of Microsoft Word to support the newer docx format files and vice versa. Another alternative for Windows users is to install MS Office viewer. You will be able to open and view the file but will not be able to do any kind of editing in it. The only possible way to open and edit the files is by downloading various converting software from the internet.

The Web is filled with many simple tools to convert docx to doc & backward. These tools convert the newer format files into rft format. It is the standard format for word and compatible with all processing platforms. After converting the docx file into rft format, you will have to open it and save it to any desired format. Always be aware the functions and capabilities of these tools. Some tools will only let you to open the files but not for editing.

Users should always study the documents for the docx converter tools to convert the files. If the conversion of the file is done in the rft format then it is very important for the user to know some shortcoming of the html converter. This html conversion will lose some formation of the original document where as bold, underline and italics will be supported in the new version. But, special characters may not transfer in the conversion. The simplest way is to use a converter that will categorically convert docx to doc & backward the process.

The converting process is vey simple. All you have to do is drag and drop the file into the software. The rest part will be automatically taken care by the tool. However, after the file gets converted you will have to open the file and save it. You can download these converters for free. Just search them in your favorite search engine. Always read all the details provided by the website which will help you to understand the software properly. You can even consult your friends to know the best software to convert docx to doc file & backward.