Convert XLSX to XLS

Microsoft Excel is the best program to perform calculations and analyze data. In Excel 2003 and earlier versions, the data that is organized as workbooks are saved in .xls format. Where as in Excel 2007 and above the data is saved in .xlsx format. Hence, Excel 2007 files are not supported in 2003 or earlier version. These files can easily get damaged because of virus attacks, application error, unexpected shutdown and network faults etc. In such cases, people use backup files to restore lost information. But if the backup file is not available, damaged or not updated then you can scan and retrieve the file by using excel file repair applications.
While trying to open an Excel workbook, you might have received an error saying ..xls cannot be accessed. The file may be read only or not responding. and many other different errors. These errors mostly occur in old computers with 2003 or older version of Microsoft Excel. The only possible way to overcome the issue is by converting the file into xls format. This conversion can be done with the help of various converting software that are available easily on the internet. You can use any of your favorite search engine and search for these software. You will find many results to choose from. Most of these websites will allow you to download these programs for free where as others will provide you only the trial version and if you want then you can log on to the site and register by paying some amount and get a link to download the full version. In a trial version, you can only converter limited format and the full version will have almost all of them.

Before downloading any software from the web to convert xlsx to xls files do a deep research of the tool. Gather all the important information like the use, format that the program converts, speed and many more. This is because there are many software that takes eternity to convert one particular file. Ideally, it should not take more that one minute to convert the file. The speed also depends upon the speed of you system. If your system is slow then naturally it will take more time to convert the file.

A good convert always have an option to do partial conversion. With the help of this feature you can convert certain part of the document without any trouble. You just need to select the sheet number to convert and then click on the convert button. The tool will take over from there and it will convert the part automatically. Once converted, you can select the path where you need to save the file.
Another good feature of these converter is drag and drop option. You can simply drag a file to the software. This makes it easy for user as he does not have to do any efforts like copy and paste to upload it in the program. Hence, you can download and conversion software that gives you effortless function and easy to use.