Excel Viewer Review

Microsoft Excel is widely used across the world. It is the best to do calculations, mantaining records, analyzing data and many other uses. It is also called spreadsheet. The spreadsheed contains thousands of colums connected to each. Theses colums are numbered alphabetically as well as numerically. With the help of this numbering, you can select any colum in the spreadsheet. It helps you to do all typw of calculations like addition, substraction, multiplication and division within seconds. This is the main reasion that it is used in all organisations.

Before the launch of Microsoft Excel, papers were used to do all writing as well as caculating works. People used to sit down for hours with bunch of papers with claculaters to do all the required calculation. If he misses a part or get distracted in between then everything has to be done all over again. This required a lot of efforts and concentration. To overcome this difficulties, microsoft came up with the idea of Excel to do all the calculations in less time. It worked and organisations started adopting this program to save time.

In some companies, employees are ristriced to use or install different programs and applications on their computers. It includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint and many other basic programs. An excel file that you save on your computer has .xls or .xlsx extension. These documents cannot be view in any other applications other than excel. Hence, to view an excel file it is very important to have excel installed in your computer. However, some organisations have old programs as well as old systems. These computers have less hard disk space and programmed to use limited applications. Therefore, some of the basic applications are not included in the system.

To open and view .xls and .xlsx files,Excel viewer is used. It enables you to open and view the file in the exact format that is in excel. This application is small and it does not require much space after the installation. This makes it compatable for old computers which has comparatively very less space than others. To make this possible, Excel viewer does not allow users to do any editing in the document. This program is ideal for thos who do not have any work on excel other that viewing and taking down informations. It allows you to do all the calculations but do not allow to do all any changes in the document. This is because, it provides only an image or a duplicate file of the original. This is because of security reason and to make sure the data is not edited for any misuse.
Excel viewer is one of the best software to view excel files without converting them. This saves a lot of time that takes for downloading, installing as well as using the converter. It is not useful when it comes to editing the content. In order to do that, you will have to convert the file. However, if editing is not your concern then Excel Viewer is the perfect for you.