Review on Powerpoint Viewer

PowerPoint is the software that is used mostly by people who develops different presentation for meeting, seminars and many other purposes. A PowerPoint document that is saved on your computer has an extension ..ppt.. This makes sure that all the files with this extension can be open only in PowerPoint unless and until they are converted into ..pdf. file. This is a universal format and almost all computers can read this format files.
PowerPoint is mostly used by advertising companies, communities, Welfare organizations and many others. It is used mainly for designing slides for website, presentation of campaigns, slide shows in seminars or in schools etc. You can insert pictures, graphics, animations, sounds etc. to make you presentation an interesting one. PowerPoint is very helpful computer software for companies.

There are many companies which do not allow employees to install any program in their computer, not even PowerPoint. It does not matter how important the software may be for the employee. Hence, they do not have any option to open PowerPoint presentation. In such cases, PowerPoint Viewer comes into the picture. With the help of this small program, one can easily open and view .ppt document. However, to do any editing you will have to use PowerPoint.
PowerPoint viewer is the best program for people who only want to view .ppt files than making any changes. It is flexible; hence it can be easily installed and used in almost every computer. It is mostly used in offices where there are very old and out dated systems. This program was developed to help people with very old computers with no PowerPoint installed or do not wish to install. They can avail for the viewer to open .ppt files.

PowerPoint viewer can be easily availed from the internet. All you have to do is type in the right keyword in your favorite search engine. You will get many sites that will provide you the link to download this program. It is a very small file and therefore does not take much time to download as well as to install on your system.

PowerPoint viewer is very easy to use. To open a desired file, double click on the software to run. On the top left corner you will see a tab name file. Click on file and select the sub option called open. This will take you to the path finder from where you can select the file from where you have saved it on your computer. You can view the document exactly the same as in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint viewer is very useful when it comes to open .ppt files. However, to do any editing in the file you will have to convert the file. This process can some time be time consuming and complicated. PowerPoint viewer saves you from falling into this problem. Because of its flexibility it can be used in any computer in the world. This makes it a perfect PowerPoint software to view all your documents in the same pattern that of PowerPoint. Hence it is highly recommended for companies.